Security paper

Security paper group

The team of production managers and technologists of SITTA FACTORY offers its customers production of security paper on 7 paper machines in widths from 750 mm to 3300 mm with a production capacity of more than 1500 tons/month.

Security paper production is carried out in the EU as well as outside the EU. These extraordinary production possibilities of security paper allow us to optimize production processes so that we can meet the most demanding customer requirements.

  1. Watermark- light, dark and dual/multi-tone- Glowing in UV

  2. Security fibers- colored, visible in daylight- UV visible- bi-color, tri-color

  3. Planchetes- colored, visible in daylight- UV-visible
  4. Microdots- holographic information

  5. Luminiscent pigments- luminescent pigments active in IR- optical laser detectors: - laser pen- mini checker

  6. Star dust visible in UV
  7. Metallic fibres- detection on the principle of polarity changes in magnetic fields

  8. Chemical protection- reactions to acids- reactions to bases- reactions to organic solvents- reactions to redox reagents
  9. Authenticity verifying pen- color reaction